I believe that everyone should play the piano, or another instrument, or at least sing. I see appreciating and learning music as an essential part of living a fulfilled life. Music, to me, often serves as the gateway of discovering the extraordinariness of life.

I like to teach with a holistic approach. It’s never JUST playing the piano. It’s about finding harmony in physical wellness and mental sharpness. More, its’s about the appreciation of creativity, beauty, emotional expressions, and The Arts, beyond the scope of music. Through piano, I want my students to gain important life skills, including critical and abstract thinking, mental focus, attention to detail, and a diligent work ethic. We learn to express our unique personality and character through piano, and have our stories to told. A teacher needs to be in tune the student’s ability and needs. We all have LIMITLESS capability. My goal is to inspire every student and help them to reach their maximum learning potential.

My passion for music is fueled in equal parts of teaching and performance. I teach beauty, sensitivity and spiritual awakenings in the format of a simple piano lesson. To me, that’s my calling for life.